Come Back, Be Here – Chapter 60

“You better have her home by at least 2 am. Any later and I’m coming to drag you all home myself.” Lauren raises one of her perfectly sculpted eyebrows and stares seriously at the group of girls in front of her.

Tonight is Camila’s bachelorette party and Dinah insisted they go to a strip club. Camila didn’t agree at first, but once Lauren assured her it was okay and Dinah assured her they would be taking the green-eyed girl to one too, she caved. However, when Lauren looks at her wife tonight in her short red dress, fishnet tights, and high heels, she almost tells her she can’t go. Instead of doing that though, she just chooses to give them all a quick lecture before they leave for the club.


“Don’t worry, Lauren. You know I’ll take care of all of them.” Ally pipes up from the doorway and Lauren does have to admit that Ally being there makes her feel a bit better. She just nods gratefully at the shorter girl before closing the distance between her and her wife. All the girls leave the house to give them some privacy and when the front door closes, signaling that the two of them are alone, she gently cradles Camila’s face in her hands and stares deeply into her favorite pair of brown eyes.

“Call me if you need me. Call me if you get scared. Call me if a creepy guy hits on you. Call me if you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Call you if you need anything.” Lauren leans in and places a gentle kiss to the tip of Camila’s nose. “I’ll have my phone on loud so I’ll answer immediately I promise.”

Camila smiles tenderly at her wife. She thinks it’s so fucking adorable how protective Lauren is of her. “I love you for looking out for me, but I’ll be fine, Lo. I pinky promise.” She holds her pinky up and the older of the two wraps her own around it.

“I know you’ll be fine and I know you guys will have so much fun. I just worry. I trust you completely. I just don’t trust everyone else in the world. Not everyone is as kind as you are.” Lauren sighs before leaning in and placing a single kiss to Camila’s lips. Even after all these years, one single kiss is enough to set free a million butterflies in each of their stomachs.

“I think it’s cute that you worry. You worry because you care. I know that.” Camila places both her hands on top of Lauren’s, which are still cupping her cheeks.

“Now go have fun… but not too much fun. I love you, babe.” The green-eyed girl releases her hold on her wife and takes a step back.

“Will do, baby. I love you more.” Camila winks before turning around and walking out to the driveway, where the rest of the girls are standing. Camila’s bachelorette party crew consists of Dinah, Normani, Vero, and Ally.

“Let’s get this party started!” Dinah yells and all the girls cheer as they pile into the car.

“Make sure one of you stays sober so you can drive the rest of you home!” Lauren yells from the doorstep as she watches the girls pile into the vehicle.

“Just go to sleep, grandma! We’ve got it from here!” Dinah yells out the window and Lauren rolls her eyes. She laughs when she sees Camila slap Dinah on the arm for her comment. Camila then puts her hand to her lips and blows her wife a kiss before they back out of the driveway. Lauren blows her one back before shutting the door and making her way to the couch where Sofi is sleeping. She gently covers the girl with a blanket before grabbing her glass of wine and flipping on the television.

As soon as the bachelorette crew arrives at their destination, Camila stands in the club, wide-eyed as she takes in her surroundings. The club is dark, crowded, and smells kind of bad, just as she had imagined it would. Truth be told, this is the first time she’s ever set foot inside of a strip club. So when she watches the half naked women sliding down the poles, she cannot bring herself to look away. Suddenly the room has gotten 10 degrees hotter. She doesn’t even realize that her jaw has dropped a bit until she feels a hand under her chin lifting it back up. She turns to her right to see Dinah smirking at her.

“It’s so obvious that this is your first time at a strip club, Walz.” Dinah laughs as she grabs Camila’s hand and ushers her, and the rest of the girls, to a booth near one of the stages. After they all get settled in the booth, Camila looks toward the stage again and sets her sights on a brunette that is in minimal clothing and is dancing seductively. Camila gulps when she makes eye contact with the woman. The Latina watches as the woman walks toward the edge of the stage. She figures she is just going to dance there. However, the exotic dancer has other plans and she makes her way down the stage stairs and walks over to their table. Camila’s eyes go wide and her mouth gets dry when she watches the woman stop in front of her table. Luckily, Normani and Vero are on the end and not her.

“Any of you ladies want a lap dance?” The beautiful woman asks, her voice raspy.

“This one does.” Dinah points to Camila and the Latina immediately shakes her head no. She promised herself she wouldn’t touch any of the stripping ladies. Even if other people think it’s harmless, she just can’t bring herself to touch another woman that isn’t Lauren.

“I’m um..” Camila starts stuttering when the half naked girl starts to come closer to her side of the table. When Vero stands up from the booth and gives the woman access to Camila, she panics. “Going to go get a um drink at the bar.” The flustered Cuban scrambles out of the booth before the dancer can get to her and practically sprints to the bar.

When she gets to the bar, she orders two shots of tequila. Once they are poured, she is about to down one until someone interrupts her.

“Well well never thought I would run into you here.” Camila hears a vaguely familiar voice say. She sets her tequila down and turns to the person beside her. Her eyes widen when she sees who it is.

“Jamie.” She nods her head curtly at the man.

Jamie is Austin’s step brother. He is 3 years older than him. Jamie never liked Camila to begin with so she has no idea what to expect from this conversation.

“Austin used to love to come to places like this.“ The man says as he looks around the club. “He was so young. Had a whole life ahead of him, but you took that from him.” She watches as his face turns up in disgust when his eyes land on her. His words make her insides boil. The shots of tequila are very tempting at the moment so she takes both back to back without even grimacing and turns to Austin’s brother.

“I had a full life ahead of me too and your brother almost took that from me. He is the reason I have nightmares almost every night. He is the reason I flinch every single time a man gets too close to me.” Camila motions for the bartender to pour her more shots.

“He was obviously provoked.” Jamie scoffs and Camila balls her hands into tight fists. “I mean if I remember correctly, you were the one who went to his place. If you were so scared of him why did you go over to his house and provoke him?”

Luckily, the bartender is back with her shots and she takes two more. Liquid courage.

“I went to confront the bastard because he was blackmailing and threatening me!” She shouts loudly, not even caring that several people at the bar have turned to face them.

“When you went over there, you were asking for it.” He seethes and Camila raises her hand and slaps him across the face. Maybe she had too much liquid courage.

“You bitch…” The tall man lunges at Camila, but is held back by a security guard, which luckily was already headed over after witnessing Camila slap the man.

“Walz, what in the world?” Camila hears her best friend’s voice and turns to her right to see Dinah standing there wide-eyed. The Polynesian ran to the bar as soon as she witnessed the Cuban slap the random man.

“It’s nothing.” She shrugs Dinah off coldly and staggers over to where the rest of the girls are sitting. Her head is spinning and she curses herself for taking those 4 tequila shots back to back.

“Mila, what’s going on?” Ally asks worriedly when the brunette enters the booth. “Why did you slap that man?”

“He was Austin’s step brother.” Camila reaches across the table and grabs Normani’s vodka cranberry. Before the dark skinned girl can take her drink back, Camila downs it and then wipes the remaining liquid off her face with the back of her hand. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Walz…” Dinah starts, but Camila holds up a hand cutting her off.

“Please, Dinah. I just want to enjoy my night. He doesn’t get to ruin all my fun times. I won’t let him.” Camila slurs and Dinah drops it. Honestly, she knows that once the alcohol fully sets in, the Latina will probably tell them all anyway.

Boy was she right.

About half an hour later, Camila drunkenly explains what happened earlier at the bar while she angrily throws money at the exotic dancer that is on stage.

Dinah’s money.

However, the Polynesian is not complaining because after Camila went through twenty one dollar bills, Dinah gave her a stack of play money she got from Walmart. Camila is so drunk that she doesn’t even realize she’s throwing fake money at real strippers.

“He fucking said I went over to Austin’s house because I was asking for it!” Camila slurs as she attempts to throw another fake one dollar bill at the dancer in front of her. However, it doesn’t even make it across the table, which the girls are thankful for. The dancers may start taking it personally if they realize the brunette is only throwing fake money at them and not real money.

“Mila-” Normani starts to try and comfort her friend, but Camila cuts her off.

“Was I asking for it? Maybe I wanted a fight. Maybe that’s why I went over there.” Camila grabs at Ally’s drink and downs it. Ally doesn’t stop her considering she has only been drinking water tonight. Someone had to be the designated driver.

After chugging the water, the intoxicated Cuban leans back in the booth and then lays her head on Dinah’s shoulder. “I want Lo.”

Vero immediately pulls out her phone and texts the green-eyed girl. Shortly after she sends the text, Camila falls asleep on Dinah’s shoulder. While she’s out, Ally scoops up all the fake dollar bills from around their table and shoves them into her purse.

Lauren arrives at the club exactly 30 minutes after receiving the text from Vero. She had to drop Sofi off at Shawn’s before she could head to the club. Her friend was very vague, but she knew something semi bad must have happened tonight. The older Latina rushes into the club and frantically looks around for her wife and friends. She spots them in the back corner booth and jogs over to where they are sitting.

“What happened? Is she okay? Was she drugged?” Lauren panics as she takes in the sight of Camila asleep on Dinah’s shoulder. Her lips are slightly parted and there are strands of hair stuck to her forehead.

“She ran into Austin’s step brother and he said some things that upset her. Then she drank a lot to cope with the anger.” Dinah whispers and Lauren frowns. All the girls slide out of the booth so that Lauren can slide around to get to her wife. When the older brunette is finally sitting by her wife, she positions Camila so she’s laying on her instead of Dinah and plants a kiss to the top of her head.

“I love you.” She whispers to the younger girl and upon hearing the sound of her wife’s voice, Camila wakes up.

“Lo?” The younger Cuban whispers groggily.

“I’m here, baby.” Lauren replies immediately. She grabs Camila’s hand and places a kiss to the back of it. When Camila realizes that it is in fact her wife that she is laying on, she crawls into her lap and buries her face into her neck.

“I’m so sorry you had to drive all the way here.” Camila apologizes and Lauren immediately shakes her head.

“I’ll always come when you need me.” The older brunette assures. “Please don’t ever apologize for needing me.”

“I’ll always need you, Lo.” Camila whispers into Lauren’s neck and the older girl can tell by the tone of her voice that she is falling asleep again.

“And I’ll always be here.”